Touristic Deals

All day long trips:

Description Vehicle or Private Bus
2 Pax
3-5 Pax 6-9 Pax 10-12 Pax 13-15 Pax
Tour to León:
Museum tickets,
Juan Venado boat ride,
Tickets and Guide assistance to Cathedral.

U$ 80 U$ 90 U$ 88 U$ 74 U$ 66
Tour to Masaya and Granada:
Visit to Masaya's handicraft market,
Granada Tour,
Visit to Masaya volcano park,
Visit to Pre-Columbian Art Museum and San Francisco Convent,
Boat trip around the islets.

U$ 100 U$ 90 U$ 71 U$ 60 U$ 52
Tour to Masaya:
Visit to Masaya volcano,
Visit to Masaya's handicraft market and workshops,
Visit to Monimbo neighborhood and San Juan de Oriente's pottery workshop,
Guide assistance.

U$ 94 U$ 80 U$ 60 U$ 56 U$ 47
Tour to Granada y Masaya Volcano:
Visit to Mombacho volcano's reservoir,
Hiking through Mombacho's trails,
Tour to Granada,
Guide assistance
U$ 94 U$ 77 U$ 67 U$ 63 U$ 52

Ruins of Leon Viejo and "El Hoyo" Volcano

Ruins of Leon Viejo and "El Hoyo" Volcano 2 Pax 3-5 Pax 6-9 Pax 10-12 Pax 13-15 Pax
Departure from Managua towards Momotombo's town in the west side of the country,
Stop by Nagarote to taste Nagarot's quesillos,
Tour to Asososca lagoon, nexto to "El Hoyo" Volcano
Horseback riding at El Hoyo volcano,
lunch on the way,
Visit to León Viejo's ruins,
Guide assistance ,
Return to Managua.
U$ 145 U$ 129 U$ 120 U$ 112 U$ 109

Managua: Half day yours

Managua Tours de Medio Día y night Vehicle or Private Bus
2 Pax
3-5 Pax 6-9 Pax 10-12 Pax 13-15 Pax
Managua half day tour:
Visit to Acahualinca's footprints museum,
Visit to Palace of culture,
Visit to Tiscapa park, Roberto Huembes handicraft market.
U$ 45 U$ 35 U$ 32 U$ 25 U$ 20
Managua night tour:
Departure at 7.00 p.m.
Tour to the main spots of Managua's night life,
Stop by El Astillero qith appetizer and drink included, Show at "Casa de los Mejia Godoy" and dinner,
Visit to casinos.
Return to Hotel.
Guide assistance and Transportation.
[Only friday and saturday.]

U$ 87 U$ 77 U$ 74 U$ 73 U$ 68

Luxury in a western paradise

Luxury in a western paradise Vehicle or Private Bus
2 Pax
3-5 Pax
Day I
06:00 a.m. Departure
07:00 a.m. Breakfast at "Quesillo Acacia" in Nagarote. During the trip you can see the manufacturing of clay bricks and tiles, typical ranchs in La Paz Centro and ocassionaly local oxcarts.
10:00 a.m.Arrival to Puesta del Sol Marina
Boat trip at the mangroves,
Horseback riding,
Swim at the beach club, [among other optional activities].

Day II

Suggested activities: Sports fishing, soccer, opin sea trip, others.
12:00 m. check out.
Departure to El viejo
02:00 p.m. Arrival to El Viejo.
Lunch at local restaurant,
Taste some of the finest Nicaragua's rosquillas "Rosquillas Castillo".
Visit to Virgin de Concepción National sanctuary, one of the most remarkable colonial monuments at Nicaragua keeper of Nuestra Señora de La Inmaculada patroness of the country, and where the silver washing religious ceremony is held.
3:30 p.m. León City Tour.
Visit to Nuestra Señora de la Asunción cathedral basilica, named as the millenium building which contains the remains of the father of the modernism, Rubén Darío; our most famous poet and in the catacombs lay the remains of other relevant characters of our national history.
4:30pmDeparture to Managua
7:30pm Arrival to Managua
U$ 288 U$ 205

Granada and Mombacho volcanoes

Granada and Mombacho Vehicle or Private Bus
2 Pax
3-5 Pax 6-9 Pax 10-12 Pax 13-15 Pax
Charging batteries:
Granada and Mombacho volcanoes
2 nights - 3 days,
2 nights at Alambra Hotel,
2 Breakfasts,
City Tour,
Boat trip at isletsBoat trip at islets,
Trip to Mombacho Reservoir,
Visit to San Juan de Oriente's pottery workshop,
Visit to Masaya volcano's national park.
Guide assistance .
U$ 374 U$ 308 U$ 291 U$ 256 U$ 120
Land of treasure:
2 nights - 3 days,
Trip from Managua to El Rama in private vehicle with A/C,
Boat trip from El Rama to Blufields,
2 nights Lodging,
Trip in private boat in Pearl Lagoon
Rama Key y Perlas Keys,
Plane ticket from Blufields to Managua.
Local Guide assistance.
U$ 732 U$ 537 U$ 456 U$ 438 U$ 425
Mermaid of the lake:
2 nights - 3 days
Trip from Managua to San Jorge in private vehicle with A/C.
Ferry trop from San Jorge to Moyogalpa and back to San Jorge.
Transportation Moyogalpa Hotel Villa Paraíso,
2 nights Lodging,
2 Breakfasts,
excursión a Charco Verde and the island.
Local Guide assistance.
U$ 461 U$ 399 U$ 315 U$ 286 U$ 280

Las Segovias

Las Segovias Vehicle or Private Bus
2 Pax
3-5 Pax 6-9 Pax 10-12 Pax 13-15 Pax
Aroma Y Tradición
2 nights -3 days
1 night Lodging in Ocotal,
1 night Lodging in Finca San Isidro,
Tour to la Ciudad Antigua,
Visit to musueums in Ciudad Antigua and Ocotal,
Cofee trip,
Visit to Virgin de Guadalupe's Sanctuary in dipilto,
Visit to Finca Los Cipreses in Loma Fría,
Guide assistance and Breakfasts included.
U$ 466 U$ 383 U$ 275 U$ 232 U$ 195
Smell of Tobacco
2 nights-3 days

2 nights dLodging at Estelimar Hotel,
2 Breakfasts, visit to a Cigar Factory,
City Tours,
visit to Salto de Estanzuela,
Guide assistance

U$ 362 U$ 275 U$ 201 U$ 184 U$ 159

Caribbean Tours

Caribbean Tours
Hotels in Corn Island

Hotel César Beach
Single Room
U$ 60
Double Room
U$ 30
Hotel Mini Morgan U$ 50 U$ 25
Martha bed and breakfast U$ 30 U$ 15

Prices per person, Breakfast not included.
  • Add plane ticket Managua-Corn Island- Managua
  • Price: U$ 167.21
Puerto Cabezas trips [R.A.A.N.]
  • Plane ticket [USD 148.80] 3% monthly increment
Visit to Miskitos Keys:
Minimum 4 Pax
Acuatic Transportation,
Lodging and meals
4 days
U$ 240 per person

Waspan Tours:
Minimum 4 Pax
Land Transportation
Lodging and trop to some Miskito comunities far from Waspan.
U$ 285 per person.

Wawa Tours: [South Puerto Cabezas]
Minimum 4 Pax
Lodging and meals.
U$ 220 per person.

Prices for Hotel-house-museum in Puerto Cabezas:
Single room with A/C U$ 25 per person
Double room with A/C U$ 20 per person
Single room with fan U$ 15 per person
Double room with fan U$ 10 per person

Occident Tours

Occident Tours Vehicle or Private Bus
2 Pax
3-5 Pax 6-9 Pax 10-12 Pax 13-15 Pax
Occidental Magical Route
TransportationManagua - León - Chinandega - El Viejo - Corinto - Managua,
2 nights Lodging in León at Hotel Los Balcones,
1 night in Chinandega in Hotel Los Volcanes.
Juan Venado Island Tour,
Tours Fabrica de licores,
Visit to Corinto Port,
Visit El Viejo Basilica,
Visit San Jacinto's fume fields,
Guide assistance .

U$ 363 U$ 292 U$ 235 U$ 195 U$ 170
Sweet Rum
3 nights - 4 days
Leaving Managua,
3 nights Lodging at Hotel Los Balcones,
Visit to La Paz Centro and Nagarote,
León City Tour,
Trip to indigenous Barrio Sutiava,
Juan Venado Island boat trip,
Visit to Finca Ecológica San Carlos.
Guide assistance .

U$ 334 U$ 288 U$ 225 U$ 216 U$ 206

Nicaragua Lake Yours

Nicaragua Lake Yours Vehicle or Private Bus
2 Pax
3-5 Pax 6-9 Pax 10-12 Pax 13-15 Pax
Indigenous art and Virgin Nature
Acuatic Transportation to Solentiname,
Cultural Tours [Artisans home museum]
1 night in Hotel Mancarrón in Solentiname, all meals included,
Tours to Los Guatuzos Reservoir,
Acuatic transportationto San Carlos (round trip) and Hotel Sábalos in Río San Juan,
2 nights in Hotel Sábalos, all meals included
Tours to The Castle y and Indio Maíz Reservoir
Note: Add plane ticket Managua - San Carlos - Managua U$ 126.19
U$ 350 U$ 330 U$ 315 U$ 305 U$ 290

Circuitos Completos in Nicaragua

Nicaragua Complete Tours Vehicle or Private Bus
1-2 Pax
3-5 Pax 6-9 Pax 10-12 Pax
Our Essence
Managua-León-Granada - San Juan del Sur - Masaya - Managua
6 nights-7 days,
Transportation Airport-Hotel-Airport,
1 night Lodging in Mansión Teodolinda Managua,
Tour in Nagarote, La Paz Centro and León,
1 night Lodging in Hotel Los Balcones in León, Breakfasts included,
Transportation León-Granada
1 night in Hotel Alambra in Granada,
Tour around the city,
Visit to San Francisco Convent,
2 nights in Hotel Colonial in San Juan del Sur,
Transportation San Juan-Volcán Masaya,
Trip to the Masaya Volcano Park,
1 night Lodging in Hotel Camino real,
Transportation to airport
Guide assistance in Granada and león
U$ 770 - U$ 670 U$ 594 U$ 534 U$ 442

An Intense Nicaragua

An Intense Nicaragua
( 6 nights, 7 days )

Día 1:
Transportation Airport - Hotel Mansión Teodolinda in Managua

Día 2:
Departure hacia Masaya y Granada
(Visit to Santiago Volcano - Apoyo Lagoon and the Crafts Market).
  • Tours around the islets and spending the afternoon in one islet to have lunch and fun activities.
  • City tours around Granada
  • Lodging in Hotel Alhambra
Día 3:
  • Morning is free to have a trip around Granada
  • Departure at 12:00p.m. to Ometepe
  • Departure to Ometepe in boat and tours around Charco Verde and Punta Jesús María.
  • Lodging in Hotel Villa Paraíso
Day 4:
  • Visit to Altagracia Museum y tour around the island
  • Noon Departure from Ometepe heading to León taking the Sout Panamericana highway, passing by cities such as Jinotepe and Diriamba.
  • Arrival to León
  • Lodging in Hotel Los Balcones
Day 5:
  • City tours around León
  • Visit to Poneloya Beach (where you can eat a tasty sea fish dish)
  • Free Afternoon
  • Lodging in Hotel Los Balcones
Day 6:
  • Departure to San Jacinto Thermal Waters.
  • Stop by Nagarote to have a delicious Nicaragua "Quesillo"
  • Tours in León Viejo Ruins.
  • Arrival to Managua
  • City tours in Managua and Visit to La Loma Museum.
  • Lodging at Hotel Mansión Teodolinda.
Day 7:
Breakfast and Transportation to the Airport.

  • Night Tour around Managua on the last day (Check price in Night Tour, under the Half Day Tours)
  • Additional nights in Montelimar Resort with Transportation included.
Price per pax: usd 850.00
Price per pax based in 2 : usd 750.00
Price per pax based in a 3-5 : usd 700.00
Price per pax based in 6-9 : usd 600.00
Price per pax based in 10-12 : usd 550.00

Additional suplement per Lodging in Hotel SEMINOLE (Managua)-
The Convent (León) - Sto. Domingo (Ometepe) and La Gran Francia (Granada)
Superior tourist category:
Price per pax: usd 900.00
Price per pax based in a 2: usd 800
Price per pax based in a 3-5 : usd 700.00
Price per pax based in 6-9 : usd 650.00
Price per pax based in a 10-12 : usd 600.00

Specialized Tours [Diving, Fishing, Culture]

Cultural and Marine Delight in The Pacific of Nicaragüa (with option of diving and fishing)
7 nights, 8 days

Day 1:
Transportation Airport - Hotel Seminole in Managua
Day 2:

Breakfast at Hotel Seminole
Departure to Santiago Volcano
Visit to the Crafts Market in Masaya
Visit to Catarina's lookout and lunch (included)
San Juan de Oriente tour to observe pottery creation
Granada city and Nicaragua Lake's islets tour.
Lodging at Hotel Alhambra in Granada

Day 3
Breakfast at the hotel
Granada City tours
Transfer to Jan Juan del Sur Bay
Lodging at Morgan´s Rock Hacienda and Ecolodge

Days 4, 5 y 6 :
Lodging at Morgan´s Rock Hacienda and Ecolodge
All included to enjoy the beach with option for fishing or diving..

Day 7
Breakfast at Morgan´s Rocks Hacienda and Ecolodge
Transfer to Managua
City Tours around and visit to Tiscapa's historic park
Lodging at Hotel Camino Real

Día 8
Transportation Hotel-Airport.
Price per tourist based per couple:
U$ 1,250 (Minimum 2 pax)
Low season (May 16th until october 15th)
Price per tourist based per couple:
Minimum 4 pax. U$ 1,200
Add U$ 220. per tourist in high season
(November 1st until december the 14th and from january 6th until may 15th)
Add U$ 200 during christmas season
(December 15th until january 5th)

Diving option: U$ 80 (2 dives, for certified divers)
U$ 100 (2 dives, for amateurs)
Includes boat and equipment.
Every other dive has to be added to the price of the package.
All transportation is included.
4 stars hotels Hoteles with breakfast included (Seminole Hotel in Managua and Alhambra Hotel in Granada) Morgan's Rock Hacienda and Ecolodge is all included. (Breakfast, lunch and dinner with local beverages)
Tour around Managua, Granada city tour on the second day and San Juan del Sur on the third day.
Breakfast at Catarina
Hotel taxes.
Diving is lead by a PADI certified expert.
Fishing option:
4 tourists minimum.(otherwise doubling the price per tourist).
Add USD 200 p.p. (half day inshore fishing, 5 hours)
Add USD 232.50 p.p. (whole day inshore fishing)
Add USD 250p.p. (deep sea whole day offshore fishing)
The best temperature for fishing is present from may until october. Inshore fishing can get you rooster fish, mackerel, bonitos, snapper, grouper. Offshore fishing can get you marlin, sailfish, wahoo, yellow fin. The yatch is 23 feet designed for 4 tourists and has a console under the tent.
Tour includes appetizers and beverage.